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A facility, not an agency
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DN&A exists with the electric thought that nothing which really matters gets made by oneself alone. We, the members, met and connected over the course of our careers. Here, with DN&A, we can continue to collaborate with that network of international partners and professionals.DN&A builds to facilitate its members, so that we can flexibly and safely form dedicated and experienced expert-teams. Joining forces together with people we know and recommend to empower each-of-us to take on projects that are bigger than ourselves.

DN&A teams design and build; experiences, ecosystems, platforms, and tools.

DN&A is a network & facility for professionals and partners that come together to collaborate.

DN&A enables the teams to operate in flexible structures on a global scale

our services

DN&A members and teams come recommended by its members. We can fit in as the missing puzzle pieces who complete an existing operation with the needed fields of expertise. Or, we can swiftly come together as a full force team, taking on the responsibility for a process, end result and launching date. Naturally we act are agile, lead lean and are known to hack the growth.

UX & Storytelling

IOT ^ Experience Design

Intercultural collaboration

Digital Transformation

Strategy & business consulting, and much more


Research + Ideation.

Service / Experience / Brand & Visual / UX/UI Concept design + (paper) prototyping & user testing.

(digital) prototyping & usertesting


DN&A can organise as an agile team or supply experts in roles to add to existing operating teams.

DN&A members are senior-experts in their fields. Specialising in strategy, design, engineering, and getting things done.


DN&A teams can build, launch and grow complex digital products, that are planned to be operated and maintained by the client. 

DN&A can provide support along full life-cycle of the project

our clients

We beam with pride as we look back on our endeavours, ever thankful for our early believers and support. Only since the summer of 2019 we’ve started on this journey, instituted in November that year.

We’ve jumped on the opportunities to collaborate with global teams, in a wide variety of projects adding the needed creative expertise and support. If you like to know more about the cases, let us know.
plan a date
IoT Creators

Creative services, solutions and support during the the European rollout of the platform and community enabling ecosystem.

Service Management of the Future

Developing (digital) workplace of the future, supporting agents an agent workforce of than 1250 professionals with an actionable vision aimed at increasing velocity.

Nvl News GmbH

UX revamp, visual redesign and front end development support, for the 2021 relaunch of the platform

T-Systems International
Design Sprint

Design Sprints, creative workshops and pitch development support

Deutsche Telekom GmbH
WMC2020 Exhibition

Project support developing an interactive media media experience and its content, for the WMC 2020 exhibition

Heineken International
Design & demo sprint

Design & demo sprint delivering a web app & connected keg draft service presented at the commerce week, created together with a consortium of IoT hardware and cloud specialists.

Vodafone GmbH

Web development & design direction,

We work to make the things that matter, with the people that matter to us.
Members of DN&A are everywhere, possibly working on a project near you. We are the ones with that twinkle in their eyes, lighting fires with our sparks.

DN&A is an invite-only network of professionals, who want nothing more then to find and take on that perfect project, working with the people that completed us (professionally) before.

DN&A builds to become ‘a thing’ that is of use, supports the network-members and projects, so that we can quickly organise, plan, and execute; in distributed teams synced-up and dedicated to the cause.

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